Microsoft–Research In Motion (RIM) Partnership

3 05 2011

Moments ago, Steve Ballmer announced a new partnership between Microsoft and RIM at the Research In Motion conference. As a part of the partnership, Bing Search and Maps will be the default on BlackBerry OS. Ballmer also said Microsoft would invest in Blackberry services.


TFS Groups Management Tool

19 09 2008

Finally my dream of publishing a project in codeplex has come true. 🙂 The idea came from my current project where we have to manage 150+ TFS groups. These groups had to be added to subgroups and the default group management in team explorer was very difficult to work with. Choosing a group individually and adding it was a tedious work. On top of that the group window refreshed every time we added/deleted a group.


This tool makes the process of creation, deletion and grouping TFS groups a breeze. Using this we have reduced the effort up to 95%. The client wanted to know how we managed these groups easily. That’s when I decided to publish it in codeplex. This will also be recommended to Encore.

This is a basic version and will built on it to improve user experience. Feel free to have a look at the tool at:

Google Chrome & Secret of name

2 09 2008

Well as you all know, Google Chrome is the new browser from Google that’s once again again heating up the internet browser space. The opensource browser is launching tomorrow in over 100 countries. I am not here to explain about the features of the browser since you can read about it in official google blog here. What I am here to tell you is about how Google still loves messing with Microsoft.

So whats the secret of the name I was talking about? The name “Chrome” is no coincidence. Chrome apparently was a highly anticipated multimedia technology project from Microsoft which was killed days before shipping. The project became a victim of reorganisation at Microsoft. You can read more about its demise here. 

Is this a message to Microsoft? “If you cant do it, we will”.