Zoomin!!! Order prints online…

31 10 2007

ZoominI am getting lazy nowadays to blog. But after this new service I couldn’t resist myself to blog about it. In a nutshell Zoomin is about uploading your photos online, sharing it with friends and the best part, you can order the print and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep in a breeze in India or USA. Plus the charges for a normal 4×6 prints is just Rs 4/- whether matted or glossy.

So here are some of the best part of the service

  1. Free account
  2. Unlimited upload, no monthly limit
  3. Import photos from Flickr or Google Picasa
  4. 15 prints free (Invite your friends and gain more free prints)
  5. Good pricing… list below
  6. INR 25 delivery charges, no matter how much quantity you order
  7. Excellent service, breezy delivery (I ordered a set of 77 photos this monday and got it today, ie wednesday)
  8. Nice packaging to make sure photos doesn’t get damaged
  9. Excellent print quality
  10. Send photos to any address in India or USA

I might have missed a few points, anyway, I just love this service. What-more, they have printing on pocketbooks, cards, mugs and calendars coming up!!! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and make register your free account at http://www.zoom.in .


Live 2.0 details leaked

22 09 2007

Microsoft encourages its employees to blog. In fact it has a dedicated blog to each of its products at Spaces.Live.com to encourage more interaction between creators and end users. But what happens when the details of a product is leaked far ahead of schedule?

Thats excatly what happened when the details of Live Search 2.0 ahead of the next week Searchification event of unveiling its details officialy to reports. Windows Live program manager Akram Hussein in his personal blog demonstrated how the new Live Search handles searches for digital cameras, showing not just product details, but also reviews. Also a search for “Brad Pitt” shows his popularity rating. Much of the changes of the new look and feel has bee gradually appearing on the site.

The blog has ever since been pulled down and Akram Hussein has posted an apology saying that the screenshots were from a test version of the new Live and not the final verion. But some guys have managed to get the screenshots here.

Sun Backs Ruby by Hiring Main JRuby Developers

12 09 2006

pate writesSun Microsystems

“Sun has thrown some corporate weight behind Ruby, Rails, and dynamic languages by hiring the two main JRuby developers, Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo. Charles posted about jruby stepping into Sun on his blog, and Thomas posted his take too. Tim Bray, who started the ball rolling posted about the JRuby Love.”

Web 2.0 Conference

12 09 2006

Web 2.0

Its back again. The controversy started by Oreilly over whether the term “Web 2.0” is a trademark and should be used only in Oreilly conferences has died down. This time the Web 2.0 Conference focuses on emerging business and technology developments that utilize the Web as a platform and defines how the Web will drive business in the future. It focus on the startups and financiers tending those seeds, of course – including the second annual Launch Pad. How the incumbents are also taking advantage of disruption, or, at the very least, how they are responding to it so as to protect their market positions will also be discussed. In my opnion it will be highly informative for the Indian Startups. But unfortunately its happening at San Francisco. Lets hope the team comes up with a plan to webcast it live or at least give out DVD copies.