End of the first Mobile Monday, Chennai and PodWorks.in

9 05 2007

PodWorks.inFinally the events ended with a half an hour delay at 2:00pm due to the delayed start. After which we had lunch at Triffanys which was quite good. The event was a grand success and each and every one of us enjoyed it. I had slept at 2:00am on the day and woke up at 6:00am to arrive at the event a bit early. Due to that I was almost dropping dead and forgot about the meeting for Podworks.in (The next event in plan from The Knowledge Foundation) at Cafe Coffee Day at 3:00pm. ūüė¶¬†I remembered about the meeting when I was almost about to reach my home at Tambaram. Too bad I missed it.


Opera Mini 3 : Navjot Pawera

9 05 2007

 Navjot Pawera is Web Evangalist at Opera. He flew in from Delhi to speak at the event. Everyone knows Opera. Its the free web browser with a rich features like tabbed browsing, torrent download, widget, rss feeds etc packed in. Opera was my favourite for a long period from about 2000-2004. Then I lost touch with the brower for reasons I am not sure of. Still I love the browser but havent got one coz I dont need one right now.

Navjot Pawera

 Operamini is a free software for mobile devices which allows you to view web pages designed specially for mobile phones rather than downloading the whole web page and wasting bandwidth. If you are not aware, services providers like Hutch & Airtel charge 10ps/10kb which means Rs 1 per mb. The Slashdot webpage itself is more than 1mb in size, but when viewd in Operamini, it is less than 50kb. This works as follows:

1. When you request a page, for example www.yahoo.com in Operamini, the request is send to the Opera server.Opera Logo

2. The server determines the screen resolution and type of the mobile phone you are using.

3. The server then looks for the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) created for mobile by yahoo and fetches the page.

4. The page is resized according to your screen resolution and then send back to you.

Operamini now supports Photosharing, RSS Feeds, SSL Security and what more, AJAX itself. Which means you could the AJAX enabled pages like GMail without any problems. Visit the download section to download Operamini.

Challenges Of Mobile Internet : Atul Chitnis

9 05 2007

 Atul Chitnis is a man who needs no introduction. Wherever you find technology, you can find him. He is the Senior Vice President of Geodesic Info Systems. I will talk about Geodesic later. First lets see what Atul talked about.

Atul talked about challenges faced by Mobile Internet from a user prespective. User is none other than us. What are the problems faced by us. GPRS connectivity being the biggest one of them. While using GPRS what we need to understand is that mobile device has its limitations. We cannot expect mobile phones to behave the same way as a PC with high speed internet. Atleast we cannot expect such things to happend in current scenario.

We are living a digital life. A good example he gave was that even if he forgets to take his spectacles while going for a walk, he wouldnt forget his mobile coz if he has his mobile with him, he can probably listen to music with his eyes closed. Err… not while driving of course. After which he also showed a demo of Mundu IM and Mundu Radio.

Atul Chitnis

Coming back to Geodesic Systems… you must be already knowing about the company if you are a regular reader of IC-CHIP. An exclusive interview with Mr.Atul had come up in the magazine a few months back in which he also talked about the company. Geodesic is a product based company with two highly innovative products Mundu IM and Mundu Radio doing the rounds of mobile users.

Mundu IM is an mobile instant messenger which enable the user to login to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ & Jabber at the same time. He can chat with other users and do a variety of functions including stealth modes using this IM. This maked cross conferencing also possible. Mundu IMThe product is now also available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile. Symbian and Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices version would be relased soon.

Mundu Radio is another innovative product from Geodesic which enables the user to tune in to thousand of radio channels world wide. These radio channels are internet streams created by enthusiasits. Which means if you have a band and would like to show off your creativity, tune in and start broadcasting. Mundu Radio works with Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm based Mobile Phones, Pocket PC and PDA devices to bring streaming internet radio stations to your handset. All you need is a data connection (GPRS/CDMA/Wi-Fi).

Wizdom.in : Anand

8 05 2007

Next on was Anand who works for Wizdom.in. Wizdom.in is basically a product which helps GRE students to learn on the move thorugh a Java enabled mobile. This product has been a buzz in colleges due to its ability to learn anytime, anywhere. Some serious students even keep a seperate number to access Wizdom.in so that noone disturbs them during the process. The content of Wizdom.in is kept highly interactive with simple text for faster transfer over GPRS, test at the end of sessions and perfomance statistics based on the test which gives the students an idea of where they stand.

Wizdom.in was not the only thing he talked about. He also talked about GPRS issues, safety & security, social communication, information access, productivity & entertainment.

Wizdom.in has also provided a free tool which helps users find out the speed of their GPRS connection. You can download and install it free from here. In the same page you can find a comparison between Hutch GPRS and Airtel GPRS speed and perfomance. Do check it out!!! Also Wizdom.in is starting a GPRS discussion Forum, GPRS related Blogs, Search by Operator, Search by phone model, Search by Location etc. They are planning to make the GPRS speed checker into an open source project to collect data about various operator GPRS perfomance under different conditions. If you want to contribute to the technical or website aspects of this project, please email ” gprs [at] wizdom [dot] in “.You can get more information about Wizdom.in from there website and about GPRS from here. To download the GPRS speed tool directly, point your mobile browser to http://m.wizdom.in/trial/gprs.html .

Mobile Advertising: Asif Ali

7 05 2007

Asif Ali, Mobile-WorxThe first session of the first Mobile Monday Chennai started with Asif Ali of Mobile-Worx. Asif is the Chief Technology Officer and he talked about Mobile advertising scenario in India.

With Indian mobile market expanding at a faster rate than China, there is a tremendous oppurtunities in the ad market too. Currently most of the revenue through added services in Europe comes through adult content, whereas since this is banned in India, the majority of value added services comes through Ringtone downloads. The VAS (Value Added Services) market was 2850 crores at the end of 2006 and is expected to grow to 1bn US dollars (4500 crores) by 2010. The companies are also trying to tap this market by delivering ad content.

But how many of us would prefer to have ad content delived to us every now and then. We could easily avoid the ads being send by service provider by adding ourself to DND(Do not disturb) list. To do this, call up your service provider and tell them that you dont want to recive calls or promotional messages from them. So companies have come up with a better idea to deliver free content. Its the same strategy thats going on in mainstream PC games. Remember playing Electronic Arts (EA) Fifa or Cricket. You would have noticed that the player jercy contains ads of Nike, Reebok etc in football and the bounday banners of cricket contains banners of Coke, Pepsi etc. Yes its the same stratergy here too. Provide free game download to users and embed ads within the game like if its a cricket, show an ad at the end of an over.

Other ad models targeted are utilise the free space of sms and insert ad in that space. For examle if you send your friend and sms that says “Where to have lunch?”, he would recive it as “Where to have lunch?¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Dine in at Hotel Country Inn, TNagar Chennai and get 50% discout today”. The ad would be content sensitive and location sensitive. That is if the message was sent from Tambaram, Chennai , you would definitely get some other ad. This method has already been patented by Mobile-Worx.

Another method is to replace the ringing sound and replace it with an ad announcement. With 3G technology expected to arriver in India by the end of this year, Mobile TV ads would also be a possiblily.

Even though mobile ad market is very small, why are companies pushing for it? The reason is very simple. Mobile is a very personal thing and it gives a sense of being connected always. The compnies have a vast database of mobile phone users than would help them target specific users for ads.

The session was pretty good and gave me a deep insight of certain facts and statistics which I was not aware of. If you would like to contact Asif, you can mail him at ” asif [at] mobile-worx [dot] com “.

Mobile Monday Chennai: Kick Off

7 05 2007

Mobile Monday ChennaiWell well… you know where the venue for the first Mobile Monday at Chennai was right. Yup, its the good old IIT Madras. And if you have ever been to IITM, you would probably know that even a GPS system would do no good to find your way around in that place. I reached the back entrance of IITM at Velachery around 8:00am pretty confident to find the building as I have already been to TeNet to meet Vijay some months back. What I failed to understand was that even Varun himself who had been at the venue the day before had to hunt for the place in his bike for almost half and hour. I had a good walk around the campus, met a few friends of mine (monkeys of guindy national parks), some deers ¬†and finally at around 8:30am I managed to reach the venue. Even the security who was sitting right in front of the building didnt know where CION was. I was the first person to reach the venue apart from a stray dog who seemed to be enjoying his walk in the empty corridor. The sessions started at around 10:30am since even the speakers had trouble getting to the venue.

Mobile Monday – Chennai

30 04 2007

MM LogoThe Knowledge Foundation is back with a new event. This time its no longer called any ‘camp’ like previous events. Its… Mobile Monday!!! Mobile Monday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

Mobile Monday has the following objectives:

  • To encourage innovation within the mobile sector.
  • To facilitate networking between small and large companies, and between local and foreign.
  • To help local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts,technologies, know-how and best practices.
  • To present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace.
  • To facilitate and create partnerships.
  • To contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence and media partnerships.

Mobile Monday is organized by a group of dedicated volunteers from around the world. Originating in Helsinki, Finland, in the year 2000, Mobile Monday has grown into the world’s leading mobile community. Since 2004 the enthusiasm has spread globally and in India such events take place in Bangalore,Delhi and Mumbai.

The credit of the event goes to Varun Krishnan who has done a wonderful work to organise the event. NDTV has a precovered the event here. The event is scheduled to take place at TeNeT – ADI Seminar Hall ,CSD Block, III Floor ,Indian Institute of Technology – Madras from 10am-1pm on 6th May 2007. To be there, just add your name to attendees list. To know more about the event, log on to http://www.momochennai.com/.