Back after a very long time for a single reason

6 06 2013

It’s been a while since I have blogged… quite a while. Over the past few years things have changed drastically for me. I have fulfilled my long dream of working at Microsoft, started blogging on MSDN blogs, been active on various social networks, moved around various cities, created and deleted multiple blog sites and did a whole lot more.

So why am I writing this post today? Well this post is sort of a prequel to my next post. Ever since I heard the news about Mr. Narayana Murthy (NRN) being back at Infosys (which happens to be my first love and first company) in an executive position, I have been more than excited to put down my thoughts which has accumulated over time. As an ex-employee, a mid-level developer and most importantly someone who was once passionately in love with the company just like Mr.NRN is today, these are my personal opinions on what the company could/should do to gain back its lost mojo.

Why didn’t I care to put these thoughts down in the past four years? The simple answer is that I had lost faith in the company and its management when I quit on 1st January 2010 and was sure that things were only going to get worse. At a time when the outcry of 1 lakh+ employees against iRace and other HR policies went unheeded, I was certain that my voice would never be heard. Over the years I regularly kept track of Infosys through online media and my ex-colleagues; not because I hold any stocks of Infosys or for the reason that my better half still works for Infosys, but because of the respect for Mr.Murthy which I have had even before I came to know what a computer is. I have always been inspired by the story of how Mr.Murthy and co-founders built up the billion dollar empire from a mere $250. It was truly disheartening to read about the fall of Infosys over the years and I had always wondered that if this hurts me deep down even though not closely associated with the company anymore, how much would this fall from glory of a company that has been built from sweat and blood be hurting the founders. So when the inevitable happened and Mr.Murthy returned to reclaim the glory of Infosys, I thought I should put down my thoughts in the belief that my thoughts still echoes the thoughts of those few highly capable, hardworking and loyal employees of Infosys; in the hope that one day Mr.Murthy or any of his close associates would come across my next post and find at least one point to be useful.