Zoomin!!! Order prints online…

31 10 2007

ZoominI am getting lazy nowadays to blog. But after this new service I couldn’t resist myself to blog about it. In a nutshell Zoomin is about uploading your photos online, sharing it with friends and the best part, you can order the print and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep in a breeze in India or USA. Plus the charges for a normal 4×6 prints is just Rs 4/- whether matted or glossy.

So here are some of the best part of the service

  1. Free account
  2. Unlimited upload, no monthly limit
  3. Import photos from Flickr or Google Picasa
  4. 15 prints free (Invite your friends and gain more free prints)
  5. Good pricing… list below
  6. INR 25 delivery charges, no matter how much quantity you order
  7. Excellent service, breezy delivery (I ordered a set of 77 photos this monday and got it today, ie wednesday)
  8. Nice packaging to make sure photos doesn’t get damaged
  9. Excellent print quality
  10. Send photos to any address in India or USA

I might have missed a few points, anyway, I just love this service. What-more, they have printing on pocketbooks, cards, mugs and calendars coming up!!! So what are you waiting for, go ahead and make register your free account at http://www.zoom.in .




One response

20 10 2008

Can u tell me what is the steps for free print orders using zoomin coupon code??


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