Live 2.0 details leaked

22 09 2007

Microsoft encourages its employees to blog. In fact it has a dedicated blog to each of its products at to encourage more interaction between creators and end users. But what happens when the details of a product is leaked far ahead of schedule?

Thats excatly what happened when the details of Live Search 2.0 ahead of the next week Searchification event of unveiling its details officialy to reports. Windows Live program manager Akram Hussein in his personal blog demonstrated how the new Live Search handles searches for digital cameras, showing not just product details, but also reviews. Also a search for “Brad Pitt” shows his popularity rating. Much of the changes of the new look and feel has bee gradually appearing on the site.

The blog has ever since been pulled down and Akram Hussein has posted an apology saying that the screenshots were from a test version of the new Live and not the final verion. But some guys have managed to get the screenshots here.




2 responses

23 09 2007
Dallas Web Builders

it isnt god , i thins this will effect the security of the new technologies too . beware !

28 09 2007

@dallas web builders

i hate how everybody thinks ms is some evil corporation trying to take over the world. they’re not. they are trying to make money. and that means that security is increased, not breached; they want the customers to trust them, not hate them, and they want people to use their services to increase advertising, subscription, and sales revenue. they want positive, not negative, things. stop being some stupid childish moron deluded by microsoft’s extensive power in the internet–thats because they have to maintain the information of several million different people and offer personalized items to increase market growth. you are undoubtedly siding with people who want to limit microsoft in order to allow other companies to grow. that is socialism, not capitalism, and when that happens to the leader, in this case microsoft, the free market is disturbed and no progress happens. there will always be market leaders and market losers. and there will always be prejudice against the leaders as long as the socialist mentality still has a strong foothold in america, even though we all know it doesnt work. so please stop.

and have you ever thought about learning to spell? i cant understand what youre saying–we all know MS isnt god, and thins–no clue what that means…..

why dont u type ur comment up in an intelligent word processor like MS Word or some other program with spell check before you post a comment? and i know i havent capitolized correctly and i spelled your and youre as ur, but i think the context and phonetics are obvious enough that people can actually understand what i am typing.

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