Google vs Sicko: The stepping over of ‘evil’ line

1 07 2007

Google EvilI had seen the latest documentry “SICKO” from Michael Moore a few days ago. Michael Moore showed something which every American knew. The real motive of American healthcare industry; which is to make profit and not to save life as it should be. Its the way Moore presented the fact with solid samples of common people like you and me that makes the film catchy. It makes every American realise that it could happen to them also.

With the pirated copies of the documentry readily available for download in torrent sites, it had already begun to shake the base of these industries. The health care companies knows that with the movies release it would do the same or more damage that it did to Bush administration with “Farenheit 911”. Lost and wondering what to do to avoid the upcoming storm, imagine who has come to the rescue of the healthcare industries!!! No its not the evil Microsoft as you call it, its the good old Google who is finding another oppurtunity to make profit out of this situation by helping the wrong side. After all who cares, its all about money.

Today morning I found this post on Slashdot which inturn linked to these Google Health Advertisement blog post by Lauren Turner; 




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2 07 2007
health care administration

Google vs Sicko: The stepping over of ‘evil’ line

Great post. Thanks!

2 07 2007
Google vs Sicko: PART 2 « Geeks Bearing Gifts

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