BSNL DataOne & Bitcomet: Portforwarding tutorial

18 06 2007

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Having trouble with your BSNL Dataone Broadband and torrents? Hope this complete tutorial would soleve all your toubles and push your torrent downloadto maximum limit. The reason for slow download is that your port forwarding is not properly configured. As a result your IP is not visible to outside peers. To verify this start downloading a torrent with very good seeds & peers. Now go to peers of torrent and see under “Initiation”. If you have both ‘Local’ & ‘Remote’, then dont bother this tutorial anymore. Else if you are getting only ‘Local’, continue reading. I am using Bitcomethere coz its fast and doesnt use much of CPU. You could also use other torrent software like Azureus, Utorrent etc. You will have similar options under their settings.

Step 1: Know your IP
1. Even though your IP address is dynamic, the ADSL router would always assign an IP address to your computer. Most probably it would be
2. Go to Start>Run>cmd or in Vista, type cmd in search and press enter.
3. Type ‘ipconfig’ and press enter
4. Note the IP address of your computer, here for me it
Step 2: Configure the torrent
1. First we need to decide how much to upload. For a 2mbps connection, I keep upload rate as 20KBps. If you are using lower connection like Airtel or Tata Indicomm of 128kbps, keep upload as 8KBps and for 256, 14-16KBps would do. Keep the download rate ‘No Limit/ 0′. Do this under Options>Preferences>Connection
2. At the same place, set your port number to somewhere between 40000 and 65000.
3. Next go to Options>Preferences>Advanced>Connection and uncheck “Enable UPnP port mapping”

Enlarge Image:
Part 3: Portforward the Router/ADSL Modem

1. First you need to access the settings or router. For this, open any browser like Internet Explorer/Firefox and navigate to ‘′. The most common username and password is ‘admin’ & ‘admin’. I have a new UT300R2U modem with a new software. So I will give the detail tutorail for that here.
If you have a different router or a differnt software for UT300R2U, find your router here and follow the guide. You can also find the deafult password of your router there.
2. Navigate to ‘Advanced Setup>NAT>DMZ Host’ in the sidebar. DMZ host refers to Demilitarized Zone.
3. Enter your IP Address that you found in Step 1 there and click Save/Apply. In my case its You dont require a reboot here.
4. Now restart your torrent software and then check whether ‘Remote’ appears under initialization, it should!!! Enjoy!!!

Enlarged Image :
If you have any doubts or issues, please do leave a comment.

Thank you.




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26 06 2007

Hey thanks a lot …

1 07 2007

it worked finally 🙂 thanks a lot…

1 07 2007

your tut was very informative; but unfortunately not enough 4 me; i 2 using a UT300R2U router; but i don find the nat>dmz in my advanced setup; is this bcoz my software isn’t new? can u pls help me with this?

thank u,

1 07 2007

Is you router page something like this?

If not please let me know the options available under your nat/virtual server

1 07 2007

Dear Prathul,
Thanks 4 ur care; my page is like the data one broadband page shown above except that i don have nat,dns, ipv6 on the left hand side; is this b coz my router software isnt updated? if so, wher ll i find the updates?

thank u,

1 07 2007

Can you send me a screenshot to my mail at prathul [at] gmail

2 07 2007
suresh vk

i have configured as above instructions but still i am getting the same error. after the above setting is done my port is open but still i’m not able to download
pl. help on this.

2 07 2007

You mean you are getting error in Bitcomet? What’s the excat error you are getting? Start a download with high number of seeds, then wait for about 1-2min and browse all the way down the peers list to see whether there is any “Remote” initiation. It takes some time to come up.

2 07 2007
suresh vk

Hi Prathul,

i’m using the bittorrent. the status is showing as “Checking for firewall” when i refresh it throws the below error

22:23:34: [core.MultiTorrent.b2c7923ab245cbeb3bda78b77266e58daa1e57be] Error regarding “[DVD-R] Pokiri Ayngaran DVD By SR”: Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.
22:23:34: [core.MultiTorrent.b2c7923ab245cbeb3bda78b77266e58daa1e57be] Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.
21:09:39: [core.MultiTorrent.990dd5b87163cb300afcaeaa44772d450adb8098] Error regarding “Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar.TTT”: Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.
21:09:39: [core.MultiTorrent.990dd5b87163cb300afcaeaa44772d450adb8098] Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.

i have no clue about this kindly help me please.

2 07 2007

Have you opened the port in your firewall? Are you using Zonealarm, Norton or inbuilt windows firewall? The error you mentioned above is not caused by problem in port forwarding.

Also check under the tracker. Is the tracker able to connect to any peers?

2 07 2007
suresh vk

Hi prathul i don’t know how to open the port in the firewall(router). i am using norton antivirus but i disabled all the setting. and no peers connected to my system.

i’m using BSNL Dataone broadband connect with the router UTSTARCOM UT300R2U
kindly help me

2 07 2007

Open Norton>Settings>Click on INternet worm protection>Configure> In the window that opens click ‘Program Control’ button> Make sure bitcomet is set to Allow.

Do one more thing, download a torrent with hight number of seeds (ex: ‘sicko’ do a search in and check whether it is connecting to any peers.

If it still doesnt work, under bitcomet>preferences>Connection> change listening port to 50143. Save the setting, Restart bitcomet and try again with sicko.

2 07 2007
suresh vk

Hi prathul,

i uninstalled the norton same thing i have done as u said. but i’m not able download.

3 07 2007

hi Prathul,
hope u got screen shot..
Is there anything u can do with my case? as i askd earlier is it because my modem firware requires an update? if yes, u ve any idea wher ll i find these updates? shud i ask 4 a diff router; then which 1 shud i ask 4? pls help..


3 07 2007

No i didnt get any mail from you. First did you try downlading a file with high number of seeds?

3 07 2007

@ prathul
i did try; my speed is less than 10kbps

3 07 2007

Ok got your mail. We will take it offline from here on.

5 07 2007

Hi Guys,

I did a search on the error message :

22:23:34: [core.MultiTorrent.b2c7923ab245cbeb3bda78b77266e58daa1e57be] Error regarding “[DVD-R] Pokiri Ayngaran DVD By SR”: Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.
22:23:34: [core.MultiTorrent.b2c7923ab245cbeb3bda78b77266e58daa1e57be] Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.
21:09:39: [core.MultiTorrent.990dd5b87163cb300afcaeaa44772d450adb8098] Error regarding “Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar.TTT”: Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.
21:09:39: [core.MultiTorrent.990dd5b87163cb300afcaeaa44772d450adb8098] Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers.

I’m encountering the same problem. What was the solution? Would appreciate some help here 🙂 Thanks!


6 07 2007

hi dude,

good post

6 07 2007

Check whether you have allowed your torrent program to access internet. Try witha torrent with lots of seeds.

Thanks 😀

27 07 2007

Hi, I wanted to thank you on your advice. It really helped me.

But can you tell me where do I go to get hold of the “virtual server” so that I can configure my TCP and UDP ports so that I can use eDonkey etc. I have the same router settings like you (i mean the screen shots you posted is exactly what I have). I would appreciate it if you could guide me to the “virtual server”

Thanks a million

29 07 2007

i am using bsnl and modem is to open a port please help me .
i have no firewall exept xp service pack. the open port is for utorrent

2 08 2007


2 08 2007
Naveen Philip

Awesome thread !!!
even facing sum problems with Bit torrent
Im using intelpro network adpter…….
i’ve done d steps u told…
Acvtivated DMZ but still ma peers is showin only local.
do u’ve ny suggestions..

2 08 2007
Naveen Philip

hi im using xp…same modem of urs…
but still it appears only… local
pls help

3 08 2007


I am putting a common reply for all queries. You need to wait for a min or two for remote to start appearing. Check whether the status bar or torrent software shows green after a few min (if it is yellow only you will have problem). Some torrents may not have remote users, so dont worry much if you are getting good speeds.

@Windows XP/Vista users
XP has a TCP-IP Half open connection limit of 10. You need to increase it to get faster download. The how part is explained in this link

For uTorrent, you need to see the same stuff + follow this guide

9 08 2007

hi man……

i tried the above……….but cant go to (ttp://
this site………….i have utstarcom ut300r2 modem………wen i get inside de sit i cant find de options (Advanced Setup>NAT>DMZ Host’ )u mentioned…………can u help me buddy…………….plz

12 08 2007

Bro..this guide was awesome..Thanks so much!

21 08 2007

Wow!! Thanx man… this really works!

I used to have the “Limited COnnection” icon in utorrent… This NAT DMZ thing or whatever fixed it!!

An awesome tutorial… thanx again!

24 08 2007

Thanks man thanks very much couldnt find the help any where else

thanks again

30 08 2007
Sriram Sridharan

I’ve an article about p2p applications, their history and bit torrent and related stuff.. You can read it at . Cheers!!

4 09 2007

Thanks man. finally after a lot of search i got…mwahhhhhhh

8 09 2007

thx…dude..this guide of urs was very helpful….

10 09 2007


I tried the DMZ thing but isn’t it a security issue . . . I guess we are opening up alot of ports there . . . . anyway thanx it worked for me, but I would appreciate it if someone could explain what really is happening inside when you enter the static IP in the DMZ box…..

12 09 2007

Hey man ur cheating re…….U tel only for bit comet users….What sin have UTORRNT users have done man…..Plz provide info on that topic also re…..

12 09 2007

@Hashim, Anand
For uTorrent refer here

12 09 2007

I use uTorrent myself.

12 09 2007

DMZ zone will forward all ports to the specified address. I suggest you use Zonealarm or Norton AV 2007 even if you are not port forwarding. Make sure you allow your torrent client access.

12 09 2007

@Sandeep (Comment :9-8-2007)
You have a different version of the software in your router.

For Bitcomet

For uTorrent

14 09 2007

hi Prathul,
the problem i have is that i cannot access the settings page of my modem (UT300R). i type the address as you and says, but i get a page error. i’ve tried this in firefox, IE7 and Opera, to no avail. i used to have an airtel connection before, and could easily forward my port with the modem they gave me (d-link), what am i doing wrong? please help. thanks

21 09 2007


21 09 2007

wat to do if i hav old version ………….plz help me ……its killin me eith out torrent…………tell me de site to get updated plzzzzzzzzzzz

22 09 2007

and i cant open http.……………my ip shows as…………….wat to do????

22 09 2007

Try that

7 10 2007

oke man……..thanks….but is der any other way

7 10 2007

the site is not opening… says page cnt be displayed

8 10 2007
help needed with utorrent!! - India Broadband Forum

[…] The tutorial on doesnt work for new routers… Here’s the link…happy downloading BSNL DataOne & Bitcomet: Portforwarding tutorial Geeks Bearing Gifts say thanks to the guy who posted it….. also apart from this u might be required to open the ports […]

11 10 2007

Thanks for your efforts ……..

The tutorials is good

But i am really worried about DMZ -“Demilitarized Zone”

whats it all about ?
Have You done any research about it?

Waitin for your response…….

11 10 2007

Thanks for your efforts ……..

The tutorials is good

ALL The Things that you have mentioned above is true and working in real time ……

for Torrents i normally use Utorrent(i.e., mue torrent) i feel its the best software available for torrent files….

I Have a BSNL connection with 2Mbps(i.e., 2 Mega bits per second) With this type of modem . . .

Is there any type of risk involved in opening Port in about mention method …

i all ways prefer dynamic ip with no firewalls……

is there any method to improve the normal download speed…
i have a poor SNR ratio(i.e., Signal n Noise Ratio) of Downstream- 10db and Upstream- 19db…..

Request for response…..


Waitin for your response…….

13 10 2007

hey buddy..
very nice post. it really worked in my case…
m using u(mue) torrent n it is showing green..
keep it up !!!

23 10 2007

Is there a way to configure MT882? I don’t see any option “DMZ” in NAT config? My download speed not increase more that 20kB in utorrent. Also the guide at portforward doesn’t seem to work as bsnl provides dnamic ip’s :(.
Any help

24 10 2007
NVRK Prasad

Mine is UT300R2U functioning well. I am able to see many sites and download speeds are also good.
But the problem is with cerain sites like Yahoo, moneycontro and IRCTC where in the sites are opening but once I enter the User ID and password, the system just hangs on and the status bar just stops at 50% and finally the message the web page can not be displayed .
Why this problem is occuring only for certain sites ? Is any settings need to be done ADSL Modem. Please suggest way out

27 10 2007
v p

hey..did fine till portforwarding part.. my router DLINK ADSL 502T wont allow me to save BitComet’s Port… cannot create user rule.. any suggestions.. maybe the router needs upgrade..anyone know where i can get software upgrade.. thanks

27 10 2007
v p

router DLINK DSL 502T

2 11 2007

hi prathul ive looked @the tut but im still getting the yellow block on bit comet im using xp,norton firewall is allowing traffic and ive got bt hme hub router, followed all the instructions,but @the last part after entering the port #’s it said ” no port maps defined for this game or just starting 2 learn about computers. ps im using bt internet would aprecaite the help. thanks .

6 11 2007

hi pra,i’ve managed 2 get my head around the portforwarding but i got “validation failed for new name”tried diferent names still didn’t work

13 11 2007

i am using huaweii mt882 dsl modem with a vonage device,i have tried al tutorials,still didnt succeed to get rid of speed limits in utorrent !

even tried conecting dsl modem alone,still no use

can u help me….my port forwarding is not ok yet

11 12 2007

u r my god,
thaaaannnnxxx a zillion times,my notification icon was yellow in bittorrent.but after ur simple but great advice,the icon hs turned download speed has gone u by kBps.
will wait for ur reply in my mail

again thhhhhaaaannnxxxx a lot

14 12 2007

thanks a lot… really superb… hats off.. keep giving more new concepts.. my speed has increased by huge amount…… nice sharing of info..

14 12 2007

it wrks fine ..thx ..
can u plz also update what kind of dwnload speeds can u expect from a 2mbps bsnl connection

17 12 2007

hi boss,
this is super-ya. now my downloads super.
really thanks boss………………………………….

19 12 2007

Thank you so much
I have looking for this sonce long

21 12 2007

Thanx man
finally its done

25 12 2007

man you are great …i was trying to forward my port since last 1 month and finally i got it…

thanks a lot for your help and carry on the good work

26 12 2007

hi prathul plz help me .i m not able to forward my port

i use utstarcom modem but dont know da model no.

plz tell me ur mail id to which i can send ma image for roter thanks

30 12 2007

hi prathul

i get green icon whenever i enter my ip address in dmz host and the icon turns green but when next time i start my modem my internet connection get crashed.
when i try to find out the reason i come to know that my user name and password automatically get restore to multiply which is neither my user name nor password provided me by bsnl. i am using bsnl home 500 plan with utstarcom R2U300 modem..can you help me on this

11 01 2008

i’m using huawei quidway WA1003A router.. when i forward de port, i get good speeds.. but if i switch off de modem, port forward settings are gone.. is there any solution for ths?? to keep de port forwarded even if de modem is switched off??

11 01 2008

hi prathul,
my connection crashed when i treied to give the ap adress at dmz. had to take me modem to bsnl office to get it ‘reset’. plz help me/

12 01 2008

Thanks for the info. I am using DMZ now.. But I couldnt find Virtual SErvers link in my NAT menu under Advanced menu page. Why is that? I am using UT300R2U

19 01 2008

Hi there,
Thanks a million for the tutorial on port forwarding. Hope to get better download speeds from now on. Thanks once again!!!

21 01 2008

hey..thx man, very imfomative..and my bitcomet works wonderfully….thx to ur blog….cheers..

23 01 2008
Yatindra Pathak

Having trouble with my BSNL Dataone Broadband and torrents? As i am using Utorret And My adsl modem is siemens SL2-141 PLZ help?

28 01 2008
ganaraj khandige

hey,my problem is same as sreenath had; i.e, not finding nat in advanced setup.please help email thank you.

28 01 2008

i done the above.
it increased my download speed to 100kBps.but am using bsnl with 2MBps bw.
how to increase more?????
is this port forwarding?????

28 01 2008

but when i checked with port forward in utorrent ,,it does nt o/p that mine is portforwarded!!!

29 01 2008
Vivek Tiwari

Thanx a lot Prathul,Gr8 job
U really cracked the nut. I got the green light in my bit Comet. But i thing i would like to know that , earlier i used to check my ip address by the site “” and i found it different from the method you said to adopt. I followed your method and got the result but can you tell me the difference between the ip shown by that site( and ip shown in cmd prompt.Is there any risk of security (haking or so)in doing what you advised?? I have Nortan System works installed.Please help
Any Way thanx a lot. Hope to hear soon from you.

29 01 2008

Thanx a lot Prathul,Gr8 job
U really cracked the nut. I got rid of that yellow light and i now have a green light in my bit Comet. But i thing i would like to know that , earlier i used to check my ip address by the site “” and i found it different from the method you said to adopt. I followed your method and got the result but can you tell me the difference between the ip shown by that site( and ip shown in cmd prompt.Is there any risk of security (haking or so)in doing what you advised?? I have Nortan System works installed.Please help
Any Way thanx a lot. Hope to hear soon from you.

29 01 2008
Vivek Tiwari

Please tell me what can be the maximum downloading speeed with this settings?? Right now i’m getting around 30-37kB/s .I have 256 kbps connection.
Please reply, really waiting to hear from you.

16 03 2010

hey how to speed up bsnl broadband?

30 01 2008
Sharath Babu

Very informative article. You have explained it very well. Thanks i have got my modem port forwarded.

30 01 2008
Vivek Tiwari

Prathul plz help !!!!
I set all the setting u told and got the green light but when i rebooted my system the bit comet is showing unknown port. I’m really worried. I checked back all the settings but they where same, half open tcp are also set to 50, dsl port is also forwarded properly, i tried to check for another port (b/w 50000-65000)but no result, i am unable to find the error, plz help me.

30 01 2008
Vivek Tiwari

hey one more thing i would like to tell you, i checked my port from “” and found that the port is open and my isp is not blocking it, then why my bit Comet is not showing green light?????
Plz help

7 02 2008

thnks dude it really worked
can u give me tips for improving the speed of torrentz

8 02 2008

Hey.. thnx for the tutorial.. but I am still not able to get a “green status” on my port forwarding…. I am using BSNL’s wireless UTStarcom modem… Pls help

28 02 2008

man this was really helpfull thanks alot!

7 03 2008

i am using utorrent.After applying the above settings i can’t use internet.Please help me

8 03 2008

Thanks buddy.

12 03 2008

hey, thnx a lot..

its very good job .. i searched long time for thiss…..

can any one tell how to configure in utorrent.. mine in Bsnl dataone.. modom is UT300R2U….


29 03 2008

help me out here please.
i couldn’t check the initiation how do i do it.
i use utorrent and there is no option called ‘initiation’ under peers.

1 04 2008

i have followed all d procedures above but its not working 4 me……..r there an other methods or i have done something wrong………help me out plz

3 04 2008

hello.. sir..
plz help me out…. i am having BSNL router UTSTARCOM WA3002G4.

my torrent speed varies from 20-60kbps…..
and my neighbour with same connection i.e home 500 combo.. receives downloading speed of all the torrent as 250kbps…..
the only difference is that mine is wifi one and his is LAN (no wifi).
plz tell…. slow speed is due to modem or some utorrent configuration… or modem configuration…..
plz help me out dear. i need the solution at any cost…..
its a request plz mail me the solution….
thanks dude…
u working nice…..
keep going.. and keep helping out…

7 04 2008
Sriram Sridharan

I have a guide on most popular P2P technologies, it’s history and evolution at and on Bit Torrent, it’s concept, features and a tutorial at . Cheers!!

8 04 2008

thank a lot dude…it works…

12 04 2008

Thank You Very Much Prathul.. I am really thankful to you..
i cant say how much i can thank you..

25 04 2008

i am using a tarang connection.i am not able to access my router
what should i do

29 04 2008

thank you soooo much… i was really having problem with no virtual servers option in the NAT… u really solved it very easily.. thank you very much

6 05 2008

hi i followed the steps and done everything still its saying error cannot open the port i followed the steps exactly but still getting this error

28 05 2008

thanks mate…worked fr me….

31 05 2008

thanks a lot!

8 06 2008

Hi prathul,

I have the same modem as yours.I followed the steps mentioned, but in bitcomet it says that my listen port is blocked and asks me to check the NAT router configuration and firewall.Please help.

10 06 2008

Instead of using your guide for bitcomet I used it for Utorrent It worked fine I am getting a download rate of 20KB/s to 35KB/s
Thanks a lot

14 06 2008
Aswin Francis

You can read this blog post. Its easy with screenshots and all. Its on speeding up bittorent but also tell u on port forwarding UT300R2u

17 06 2008

AM running half-life server @
you see DMZ not working here 😦
Should i change my modem….

19 06 2008

thanks a lot..its working for me..i use bsnl unlimited plan..i get speeds around 25-28 constantly…again thanks a lot mate ..

22 06 2008
Siby Thomas

Hello …. i need a desperate help from you. I’m not able to get good download speed with torrents even though i go for torrents with high seeders and peers. I’m using dataone connection, and my modem is Siemens SL2_141 which is being provided by BSNL. The problem with this is the modem is being updated with a firmware from BSNL, which removed the NAT setting from it. Which means i’m not able to do the port forwarding. I use BitTorrent and when its being connected to the net, the indicator on the bottom turns out to be yellow in color and reads like “no incoming connection. Unless the icon turns to be green there seems to be a problem with your network settings.. Between i use Kaspersky antivirus 2009, i presume it is not blocking the traffic….

Please help me with this… Thanks in advance

26 06 2008

i use bit comet for download. i used to get tat green light.all of a sudden it started showing a grey light…i checked my NAt settings n reinstalled bit comet also no use…my friend i think restarted my dns serves or somethin like that….is it coz o that???

28 06 2008


when trying to configure Express Talk (VOIP client), it keeps saying that I have a “symmetric” NAT and I need to configure. How do I do that? I have a WA1003A ADSL modem.

28 06 2008

Worked for me bro and the download speed soared all of a sudden
Thanks a lot 🙂

29 06 2008

Hey, Thank You Very Much

3 07 2008

Hi i did the same as your steps proceed but it did not works for me ya…. I have same Modem and everything in slides shows my thing… please help me… i need faster download…

19 07 2008

thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!
it finally works 🙂
you made my day… actually night (2-8 right?) ..

26 07 2008

u rule thx a lot it really worked luv u

29 07 2008

Hey dude.. my mind was heated up by searching for this solution.. Thanks a lot buddy.. i’m grateful to u..

10 08 2008

i am using BSNL Smartex Mt882 modem, what to do with the settings pls help me.

15 08 2008

Hey dude.. my mind was heated up by searching for this solution.. Thanks a lot buddy.. i’m grateful to u..
and plese i am only getting local users not remote so if u plese take care of thet so thankfull to u ur fan,pankha,4pir and every thing

15 08 2008

by the way my modem is WA3002G4 the latest 4port router
and my plan is 750plus……….
so i am getting around 30-35 kbps

15 08 2008

any one with same plan and getting more speed of download plz tell me

17 08 2008

hey i use the same modem ut 300 r2u… i use bit torrent… i followed ur intructions and got the green light yupieeee.. thANKS A LOT…:)
BUT MY SPEEDS are still the same be4 and after port forwarding.. i get only 20-30 kB/s… mine is unlimited 750 plan (bsnl) …speed is 256 kbps… is there something wrong

26 08 2008

hey guys it happen to me.i got green yuppy………
thanks yaar……..

9 09 2008

Hey thanks a lot buddy. I finally am getting good download speeds after 6 months.

13 09 2008

well i followed ur advice but it fetch me only 20kbps speed…………
waiting 4 ur further posts…

13 09 2008

nope dude it is giving me around 25-30 kbps…any further improvements…..

13 09 2008

im usin bit comet …It shows ur listen port is blocked …check d settings..plz guide me..
thanx in advance………

13 09 2008

well some port had attacked me..i loaded avast anti….n it blocked all those…any hint?

14 09 2008

Thanks a lot, was trying from long time, was successful at last thanks to your solution….

20 09 2008

Right and i did follow all the instructions mentioned above.

When i had disabled windows firewall , my download speed went up to 40-50 kps each , which is really decent enough, however lately i haven’t seen the download go up more than 15-20 , considering more than 30 seeders .

I have a one mb dsl connection hence my upload speed is set at 20 kps

Of step 2 , i’ve done both point 2 and 3.

and i’ve followed the instructions of this website

However i still haven’t seen much of an increase in the download speed .

Any tips / help / commets would be very much appreciated.

26 09 2008

hey thanks a lot buddy…..
it worked….. 🙂
thank a lot!!!!!!
good job

12 10 2008

Thanks for your Kind Information, Really it was helpful. I appreciate You, welcome to publish such an useful things.

17 10 2008


my speed went up a little bit but who cares?????

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

18 10 2008

hey prathul,
i followed ur steps to get the green light status but i donno how to restart the bit comet as u have instructed in the part3 step4????????

26 10 2008
16 11 2008

bitcomet user:my laptop is acer so my router is Wlan-G-RU2.ip static e.g use celcom broadband.i did all the instruction.but when i put the ip address in the address box by internet explorer, nothing happened.i was expecting a box appear. plz help.

16 11 2008

by the way, im using huawei celcom broadband.tq

18 11 2008

Thanks a lot buddy.

29 11 2008

hi this is chaitu. i m using a UT300R2U router and as some one posted a comment on this even i couldn’t find nat>dmz in advanced set up.can anyone help me out with this coz i m downloading at a speed of 10 kb/s which is real slow and it is taking almost 10 hours fr me to download a movie thru utorrent.

1 12 2008

Thanks man.

Solved my very long haunting problem.

almost no words to express my thanks.


4 12 2008

thnks…it works

13 12 2008

hai my router is bsnl ut-300r2u
but when i enter ip address in brouser it shows router config window but it doesnt show dmz.plz help me

15 12 2008

mine is a ut300r2u modem and i dont hav a option called virtual server in router page…. 😦 😦 😦 plz help….. i hav to port forward for u torrent…. my download speed is just 15kbps…. plz plz plz help….

15 12 2008

i stay in bangalore and mine is unlimited 750 plan….

15 12 2008

shall i send the router page screenshots to ur id???

27 12 2008
suresh kumar

kindly enlighten me how to configure and use my nokia e71 phone in wifi mode? iam using HUAWEI WA1003A ROUTER FOR BROADBAND ACCESS.

4 01 2009
Sanchayan Ghosh

My bitcomet is downloading slowly and it is showing yellow light. I don’t know your e- mail so I can’t send you a snapshot of my router’s options and settings. So please send your e- mail address to my e- mail.

13 01 2009

hi prathul even i am having same problem with my bsnl router utstarcom 2u i hv no virtual lan option how do i forward the ports plz help

30 01 2009


my torrent downloading speed is 3.5kbps… downloading only one content at a time but no matter its speed is same…..i started to perform the above process for speeding up n portforwarding but in first step itself i got stucked coz my image of router page doesnt match to which u attached above….its different can u help me????

2 02 2009

Iam using home 500c plan in pondicherry…
for me torrent files are not working in both the utorrents and the bit comments…
r not working…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my modem model is wa3002g4…
please help me in any of the ways……..

1 04 2009

hey dude…
i am chanti
i am using bitcomet and the settings u told the yellow light has turned into green but still download speed is 30-35kbps
i am in unlimited 750 plan….
pls mail me the solution to this problem to this id

16 04 2009

Plz Help…

The username and password is not admin.

My modem is Huawei MT882.

17 04 2009

Can you please help me in opening my port for utorrent?I am using BSNL nokia seimens C2110 type 1 modem.i am using avast PC’s firewall is one that comes with XP sp2.i usually get dwonloadind speed of 80-90kbps even when there is a good number of seeders.

1 08 2009

Hello, I have BSNL Nic USB Modem. How can I port forward?


13 10 2009


this works like a charm

thanx a lot


23 06 2010
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30 04 2011
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30 04 2011
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4 05 2011
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12 05 2011
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14 05 2011
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19 05 2012

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9 03 2013

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19 04 2013
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29 04 2013

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18 10 2013
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14 02 2014
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