Opera Mini 3 : Navjot Pawera

9 05 2007

 Navjot Pawera is Web Evangalist at Opera. He flew in from Delhi to speak at the event. Everyone knows Opera. Its the free web browser with a rich features like tabbed browsing, torrent download, widget, rss feeds etc packed in. Opera was my favourite for a long period from about 2000-2004. Then I lost touch with the brower for reasons I am not sure of. Still I love the browser but havent got one coz I dont need one right now.

Navjot Pawera

 Operamini is a free software for mobile devices which allows you to view web pages designed specially for mobile phones rather than downloading the whole web page and wasting bandwidth. If you are not aware, services providers like Hutch & Airtel charge 10ps/10kb which means Rs 1 per mb. The Slashdot webpage itself is more than 1mb in size, but when viewd in Operamini, it is less than 50kb. This works as follows:

1. When you request a page, for example www.yahoo.com in Operamini, the request is send to the Opera server.Opera Logo

2. The server determines the screen resolution and type of the mobile phone you are using.

3. The server then looks for the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) created for mobile by yahoo and fetches the page.

4. The page is resized according to your screen resolution and then send back to you.

Operamini now supports Photosharing, RSS Feeds, SSL Security and what more, AJAX itself. Which means you could the AJAX enabled pages like GMail without any problems. Visit the download section to download Operamini.




3 responses

16 05 2007

I have attented this talk. Was awesome!!!!

Opera is getting along the line of fire….


15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

15 12 2007
Abhishek Goyal

Operamini 4 doesn’t work on my blackberry. After download, when I click on the icon, it tries unsuccessfully to install the software.

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