Challenges Of Mobile Internet : Atul Chitnis

9 05 2007

 Atul Chitnis is a man who needs no introduction. Wherever you find technology, you can find him. He is the Senior Vice President of Geodesic Info Systems. I will talk about Geodesic later. First lets see what Atul talked about.

Atul talked about challenges faced by Mobile Internet from a user prespective. User is none other than us. What are the problems faced by us. GPRS connectivity being the biggest one of them. While using GPRS what we need to understand is that mobile device has its limitations. We cannot expect mobile phones to behave the same way as a PC with high speed internet. Atleast we cannot expect such things to happend in current scenario.

We are living a digital life. A good example he gave was that even if he forgets to take his spectacles while going for a walk, he wouldnt forget his mobile coz if he has his mobile with him, he can probably listen to music with his eyes closed. Err… not while driving of course. After which he also showed a demo of Mundu IM and Mundu Radio.

Atul Chitnis

Coming back to Geodesic Systems… you must be already knowing about the company if you are a regular reader of IC-CHIP. An exclusive interview with Mr.Atul had come up in the magazine a few months back in which he also talked about the company. Geodesic is a product based company with two highly innovative products Mundu IM and Mundu Radio doing the rounds of mobile users.

Mundu IM is an mobile instant messenger which enable the user to login to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ & Jabber at the same time. He can chat with other users and do a variety of functions including stealth modes using this IM. This maked cross conferencing also possible. Mundu IMThe product is now also available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile. Symbian and Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices version would be relased soon.

Mundu Radio is another innovative product from Geodesic which enables the user to tune in to thousand of radio channels world wide. These radio channels are internet streams created by enthusiasits. Which means if you have a band and would like to show off your creativity, tune in and start broadcasting. Mundu Radio works with Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm based Mobile Phones, Pocket PC and PDA devices to bring streaming internet radio stations to your handset. All you need is a data connection (GPRS/CDMA/Wi-Fi).




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