Wizdom.in : Anand

8 05 2007

Next on was Anand who works for Wizdom.in. Wizdom.in is basically a product which helps GRE students to learn on the move thorugh a Java enabled mobile. This product has been a buzz in colleges due to its ability to learn anytime, anywhere. Some serious students even keep a seperate number to access Wizdom.in so that noone disturbs them during the process. The content of Wizdom.in is kept highly interactive with simple text for faster transfer over GPRS, test at the end of sessions and perfomance statistics based on the test which gives the students an idea of where they stand.

Wizdom.in was not the only thing he talked about. He also talked about GPRS issues, safety & security, social communication, information access, productivity & entertainment.

Wizdom.in has also provided a free tool which helps users find out the speed of their GPRS connection. You can download and install it free from here. In the same page you can find a comparison between Hutch GPRS and Airtel GPRS speed and perfomance. Do check it out!!! Also Wizdom.in is starting a GPRS discussion Forum, GPRS related Blogs, Search by Operator, Search by phone model, Search by Location etc. They are planning to make the GPRS speed checker into an open source project to collect data about various operator GPRS perfomance under different conditions. If you want to contribute to the technical or website aspects of this project, please email ” gprs [at] wizdom [dot] in “.You can get more information about Wizdom.in from there website and about GPRS from here. To download the GPRS speed tool directly, point your mobile browser to http://m.wizdom.in/trial/gprs.html .




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