The 100th Post!!!

7 05 2007

100th PostWhen I started writing this blog during Blogcamp Chennai, I was never sure as to how much time I could dedicate for blogging. The odds were against me and after I left for Microsoft India Development Centre at Hyderabad in September end, I no longer found enough time (er…. to be short lazy enough) to blog. After a long span, I am back to blogging and its good to see that I am writing my 100th post and at this point of time my blog statistics are

Blog Stats

Total Views: 22,022

Best Day Ever: 442

Views today: 17


Posts: 99

Comments: 167

Tags: 14

Good to see that there has been over 22000 views for a 100 post blog. Thank you very much people. Within a month or two you can see increased activity when my exams get over and then you could also see live blogging on The Knowledge Foundation events like SE, Podworks etc. Oh and yes, I have been to Mobile Monday (on a sunday 🙂 ) yesterday and will soon write about it. Keep visiting…




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