Mobile Monday Chennai: Kick Off

7 05 2007

Mobile Monday ChennaiWell well… you know where the venue for the first Mobile Monday at Chennai was right. Yup, its the good old IIT Madras. And if you have ever been to IITM, you would probably know that even a GPS system would do no good to find your way around in that place. I reached the back entrance of IITM at Velachery around 8:00am pretty confident to find the building as I have already been to TeNet to meet Vijay some months back. What I failed to understand was that even Varun himself who had been at the venue the day before had to hunt for the place in his bike for almost half and hour. I had a good walk around the campus, met a few friends of mine (monkeys of guindy national parks), some deers  and finally at around 8:30am I managed to reach the venue. Even the security who was sitting right in front of the building didnt know where CION was. I was the first person to reach the venue apart from a stray dog who seemed to be enjoying his walk in the empty corridor. The sessions started at around 10:30am since even the speakers had trouble getting to the venue.




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12 05 2007

What can i say? 🙂

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