Orkut – Mumbai Police Tie Up

5 05 2007

If you have been concerned of web pages with obscenities scrawled over the national flag, or even others criticising the Father of the Nation or the ones negating political leaders – then sit back as these are going to be out of the website soon. Just report these to the Mumbai Police and chances are that not only will the pages be erased, but the creators brought to book for there has been an informal tie-up between the Mumbai Police and the Orkut management. Says Jt Commissioner Of Police, Crime, Meeran Borwankar, “It is an informal tie-up that we have. These sites could be a threat to the law and order situation and therefore need to be clamped. But trust us, we won’t train our guns on nitty gritties.”


Many Orkut users, however, feel there is no need for this kind of censorship. Says a blogger, Kinjan Shah, “The Internet should be kept out of content regulation. This is one place where we can speak our minds. What next? Google gives away our personal information. Access to our inboxes? Will all these be taken away?


But, like all opinions, this too has its share of detractors. Says a blogger, Keyur Karnik, “There is definitely need to block sites, especially when you have sites maligning someone or putting up stupid sites like I hate India.”


As much as the debate on content regulation and content moderation, the inherent fear among Internet users is that this affiliation of the Mumbai will spread onto other websites too – so the best option is to behave oneself Online too!





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