Microsoft Hints Plans For Internet Explorer 8

4 05 2007

 October saw the release of the Internet Explorer 7, the much awaited tabbed browser from Microsoft. It seems the company has already started its plans for Internet Explorer 8. At the Mix 07 conference the company stated that- “Microsoft will continue to prioritize security and ease of use in the forthcoming Internet Explorer 8 and will seek to improve Web development with current standards compatibility.”

IE platform architect Chris Wilson said that Microsoft intends to create a follow-on version, IE 8, within two years of IE 7’s release. The priorities Microsoft set for IE 7, Wilson said, are the same for IE 8: strong security, ease of use and Web development improvements. Microsoft will invest more in layout and adhering to the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 2.1 specifications apart from making its browser object model more interoperable to make it easier to work with other browsers and allow more flexible programming patterns. In addition, he said the Ajax Web programming style needs more client-side application programming interfaces to allow developers to create more powerful applications. He also noted that because previous versions of Internet Explorer strayed from standards, new versions of Internet Explorer, such as IE 7, have caused some Web sites to not work for end users. “Web development compatibility is really crucial for building applications and…for us to deploy browsers (but) it has to be an evolutionary step,” he said, noting that half a billion people use some version of Internet Explorer. “If we say, ‘Here is your new browser–it’s standards compatible,’ we actually disrupt the existing ecosystem and it doesn’t actually make it better for anyone.”




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