Library on the moon

4 05 2007

Moon The moon might be a good place for a massive storehouse of digital information, sort of a Lunar Library of Alexandria (that hopefully won’t burn down). That’s the idea proposed by NASA scientist David McKay, who ten years ago led the team that announced that a Mars meteorite contained evidence of life. According to the New Scientist blog, McKay says the lunar library could be stored on computers buried in the ground, placed inside craters, or located in hollow lava tubes. The New Scientist blog post refers to a white paper that McKay wrote on the subject, but I can’t seem to find it online. From the post:

The benefits of lunar storage are that there is no oxygen to erode the material, constant sub-freezing temperature and the Moon is currently free of all of the havoc wreaked by humankind…

Families could even pay a fee to preserve photographs in the lunar library for future civilizations. McKay calls it the “ultimate time capsule.”




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