360 Degree Interactive… is now hiring

2 05 2007

360 Degree InteractiveWhy am I writing about a job oppurtunity in my blog? Interesting question. Well I have a kind of personal attachment with  this company. It was a year and a half back when I was in 3rd year that I met Mr. Narain, CEO of 360 Degree Interactive at TracBacBarcamp Chennai. It was Narain who introduced a normal kid to the corporate world. There I learned what it takes to be competent. Getting introduced to him and the company was one of the best things that have happened in my life so far. Wait until I make the list of top 10 influential people of my life (probably after my exams).

Now about the company,

“360 Degree Interactive (3DI) is a Web Services company. We are small, agile and passionate about what we do. We believe in an “on-demand world with on-demand solutions”.

We help organizations utilize the web services effectively, powerfully and provide end-to-end solutions to their users. We believe Web as a platform for all communication & application needs for the world. We work with Web standards and emerging technology standards [Microformats, RSS, XML-RPC, OpenID, APIs] to deliver people oriented next generation solutions & services.

3DI was started in 2003 in Chennai, India, by three technopreneurs.”

And about the job I was talking about… this is an interesting job ad that you would never find anywhere. Not event in Google. Check it out at www.360in.com. Also do check out their product, TracBac. The job ad is as follows:

“We are not looking at M.Phil, Ph.D guys. We are looking at passionate coders, who love to code on RoR, Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0 & eat MySQL queries for Lunch, you are welcome. We are also looking for people, who can tangle XHTML, CSS, WordPress, tWiki for their late nite dinner. Never worry about education, the founders themselves are drop outs. Shoot a mail to balaji at 360in.com by answering a simple question – Why you want to be a coder & work for a Web 2.0 firm ?”

Now dont you think thats interesting? If you feel that you are passionate about technology, do mail balaji at 360in dot com with the simple answer which you would definitely have if you are really passionate about it. All the best!!!




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