Web 2.0, Wikipedia and Semantic Web

27 02 2007

NarainNext on was Narain, CEO of 360 Degree Interactive on semantic web. He talked about microformats, virtual identities etc. He  talked about technologies that would change the world tomorrow, but not much noticed today. After his talk I realised how microformats and virtual identity is going to shape up tomorrows technologies. Virtual identities for example gives every person on interenet a unique identity. He said “during school days if there were two people of the same name, they would be reffered to by place or nickname. But they would never change thier name to something else. Then why do we compromise our name on the interent. We do we have to maintain 15 usernames and 30 passwords”? Very interesting indeed. Something that I had never thought about.

Microformats as you might have guessed is a kind of language to be used for portable devices which are cross platform compactible. I strongly believe the talk should be repeated for a technical audience again, for example BarCamp 2.0 or somthing like that.

Narain if you rememeber is the same person who showcased TracBac during BarCamp Chennai. Now TracBac is in its version 2. TracBac is a visual collaboration platform for designers and clients to interact over the Internet. With TracBac you can Share. Comment. Review. Approve. Manage. Analyze and Deliver things to clients. Click here to learn more about TracBac. To view TracBac in action, click here.





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