The filmmakers at Wikicamp

26 02 2007

Wondering who are these guys appearing on the photograhs? Well thats Nic, Adam and John. They are the film makers making a documentry on Jimmy Wales. These guys have been working on this for a real long time (about an year actually)and would be with Jimmy to Delhi, Varanasi, Japan, UK, New York and then back to San Francisco. They say the editing alone would take 6 months. They have already done a fantastic documentry. Check it out at Watch the trailer here:

Their company is called Underdog Productions and currenlty there are 6 people in the team of which 3 are making the documentry about Jimmy Wales. They plan to show the world the kind of person Jimmy is and the hectic life he lives. They plan to file the documentry under creative comments licence and also to send it in for film festivals. Apart from documentry they do music videos, graphic designs etc. They are putting in a lot of effort and sure hope that they would come out with flying colours. Thats a pic of myself and the director of the team, Nic.

Prathul & Nic

When asked about what they feel about India, they sais- “I was amazed to see that people here are very friendly. We have never saw such friendly people in any other countries we have visited so far. You know they just come smiling,  shake hand and enquire about us. Also I have heard that India has the biggest and best blogging community”. They were very friendly with eveyone at Wikicamp and I am sure they have made a lot of friends. Thats the team below: Adam(Sound Engineer), John(Cameraman) and Nic(The Director).

 Adam, John and Nic

We were not aware that they would be coming with Jimbo. If we had any clue that they were coming, TKF would have made arrangements for their stay and other expenses. Sorry guys. Next time we would definitely make sure that you wouldnt have to stay at any hotel. Later night at dinner party we stuck up an interesting conversation about bollywood movies. They said that most of the tv channels they saw had a girl and boy dancing in almost every song. Welcome to India!!! Anyway we all had a great time together and they have left to Delhi by today morning 5am flight.




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27 02 2007

This is truly a great thing..and thanks for sharing this info with us…it was absolutely wonderful reading through it…and since the festival of colors is just a few days away now i’d like you to drop by my blog on Holi Fun sometime and enjoy all that’s there!!!

28 04 2007
Ganagadhar Bhadani

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