Wikipedia revenue model

25 02 2007

Covering JimboWikipedia is not under a capital crisis as was rumered a week ago as per Mr. Wales. And the good news is that Wikia may finally come up with a revenue model soon, most probably using Google ads. I am sure that they would indeed make some money finally since Wikia is going to be bigger than Wikipedia.

And did you see this guy covering the event. They are a team making a documentry on Jimmy Wales. Also see the beds down. No no… those are not for sleeping if you feel sleepy. Those are for blogging comfortably lying down. 🙂




2 responses

25 02 2007

Hi, I just noticed in the newspaper today about this camp. can you tell me till what time this is on and of i can still do a registration post-lunch ?

25 02 2007

Ya sure. Just drop by anytime. The auditorium is Jam Packed, but since we have parallel tracks I guess few more people can join.

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