Envisioning Computing 2.0- Computing for the next billion

25 02 2007

Yuvraj Galada of Novatium,Chennai is the next to speak after the break. Novatium as I was informed by Himanshu Seth is owned by Rajes Jain of emergic.org. Meanwhile the press conference with Jimmy Yuvraj Galada of NovatiumWales is about to start in the conference hall in first floor. He talks about simple hardware computing device to provide simplicity for customers. He showed a device called NovaPC which acts as a thin client and enable share a single PC. This one is similar to the device I have seen at IITM and I doubt its the same device. Maybe the company is involved in its development with TeNet of IITM. They have actually teamed up with cable operators at KK Nagar, Chennai to use this product to provide services.

A One to one ad model is also being talked about where relavent ads would be delievered on to the desktop. Provided it has options to customize and provide localised ads, I believe this would work. No one would click on a google ad which says buy pillows or beds from San Fransisco when we are in India.

Tally for home is another prospectus he is talking about.

 PS: Confirmed that NOVA PC is the same product from TeNET of IITM.




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26 02 2007

Hey Pratul,
I guess this was the best talk after Jimmy Wales talk.You can also mention that Novatium is owned by Rajes Jain of emergic.org 😉

Did you nit attend Semantic Web 2.0 by Naraiun of 360 degrees?

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26 02 2007

Will include that sir. I did attened the semantic web by Narain. How can i miss that. I havent blogged about it yet. Need to add more articles to it.

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