WordPress adds Odeo support

28 09 2006

Odeo.comOdeo is a neat podcasting and audio company based on Ruby on Rails. Due to the more and more requests to support Odeo embedding in WordPress.com, the WordPress guys have done just that like they did for Google and Youtube.

To get Odeo in your WordPress blog, just add the follwing code:


[ odeo=http://odeo.com/audio/1968091/view ]

to get something like this



Note: Remove the extra space between “[” and “odeo” before pasting the code. To put simple, the code should be :

Odeo= <your link> in square braces without any spaces.




4 responses

2 10 2006

Ooh that’s super!

16 02 2009

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is this true??

Thanks 🙂

1 01 2011
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12 03 2011
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