Microsoft AcadDevCon 2006 – Walkthrough

26 09 2006

I reached the venue at 8:00am as proposed. The college was absolutely deserted at that time except for the watchman. The auditorium was locked and they informed me that the guy having the key would arrive around 9:00am only. A good beginning for a great day…

The audio & video guys were the next to arrive. I had a small chat with them and by 8:15am Ajay (Microsoft Academic Evangelist) and few others arrived. Around 8:30am they managed to get the key for side door and were we were much relieved that the audio & video guys can set up things. But, surprise…. the auditorium was pitch dark. They casually told that they were not sure when the electrician would arrive. GREAT!!!

Anyway the video was set up and the audio room too was locked up and they were not

even sure where the guy with the key to audio room was. We were receiving excellent service from the college for having paid 20000k and 700 of the 1400 tickets reserved for the college. Finally the keys arrived just in time by 10:00am when we were actually planning to break down the lock because the event was scheduled to start at 10:00am- 3:30pm. Hosting an event is not an easy thing, it takes a lot of patience, effort and lots of other indigents to make it a good one. Sometimes you need to keep smiling at people even if their answer to your queries make you feel like breaking their neck off. Glad nothing like that happened.

The event was kick started at sharp 10:00am with a jam packed audience. The first session was by Pratibha on Internet programming. Now since the audience contained people not familiar with writing codes, she just touched just the basics and showed some cool demos of web 2.0. She showed AJAX, ATLAS and showed the day to day applications that people use like Orkut, Google Suggest etc. Now for the anti-Microsoft people out there… she didnt do any comparison between Google and Microsoft. She even told about the capabilities of AJAX.

The next session was by Kevin D’Souza on Live Web Tools. Unfortunately there was no

Internet connectivity at the college auditorium and he actually had to show off the cool things in power point slides. But the live tools were something new to the audience and I found out today that about 90% of my classmates are exited about it. Some are even considering doing projects using Live API .

Then it was time to break up for lunch for half an hour. We didnt get time to eat anything since we were busy setting things up for the next session.

Ajay & Tejas

The next session was by Ajay Thomas Abraham on Windows Vista. This got the audience exited since he was running the demo on a Windows Vista Laptop with aero support. That was running on a RC1 version of Vista. I hope I too would be getting a Vista RC1 DVD when I go to Hyderabad Microsoft IDC on 29th.

Kevin & Tejas setting up the robot

The final session was by Tejas on Robotics. He practically showed how to control a simplerobot which he had created using Microsoft Robotics Studio . This got the ECE guys exited. His first robot was a simple webcam robot whose viewing angle was controlled by software. The next one was a two wheel robot which he programmed right in front of the audience and demoed it moving. That was the first time in my life I was watching a robot programmed and running live.

All together the event went very well. Hats off to all the four Microsoft Evangelists who did the sessions without a glitch, the keen audience and finally to Mohammed Reza who actually arranged the venue and other things. Mohammed Reza as you all know was the student partner from SRM and is currently employed at Microsoft IDC at Hyderabad.

At the end of the exiting day, we all were as hungry as hell. Ajay, Tejas & Reza didnt disappoint us and we had a great treat. Now you are not reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five to explain in detail what we ate. Then we split to our respective houses with a promise to meet again at Hyderbad on 29th…




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27 09 2006
Sreenath H B


Any plans of the same event happening up here in Bangalore?

27 09 2006

Well, its planned at four cities. Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and the fourth city I think may be Bangalore or Kolkattta. It will happend at end October. So you will have to wait and see.

27 09 2006
Abhijeet Jain

Hi, Prathul. Can u send me few of the pics u shot at the event. Or may b v can have online photo sharing.

27 09 2006

Ya no problem. I will upload it on Flickr after i retuen from Hyderabad by 5th oct.

13 10 2006

Great going guys!

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