New robot skin feels real; robots still won’t

21 09 2006


Researchers in Japan have developed a new type of fake skin that will make future robots look and feel a lot more human. Great news for lazy professors, the fake skin mimics your real skin by combining a 0.4-inch thick “dermis” layer of elastic silicone with a 0.007-inch thick “epidermis” layer of firm urethane. The result is skin that feels eerily similar to your own, minus the pimples and 3 days of wispy beard growth. In a survey, 10 out of 12 people who touched the skin said it felt just like a real person while the entire idea of fake skin appropriately freaked out the other two. Just imagine, the time isn’t too far off when you’ll be able to buy computer accessories such as mice that feel just like human skin. The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.




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