Lenovo laptop latest to go up in flames

21 09 2006

A burning laptop that frightened passengers at Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend was a ThinkPad, Lenovo confirmed on Wednesday, and that laptop ships with Sony’s battery technology.Lenovo

The incident, described by a poster at the website Something Awful, involved a passenger running back up the jetway as a plane was boarding with a smoking laptop that eventually caught fire. Lenovo dispatched a team of investigators to Los Angeles within 12 hours of the incident, and confirmed the laptop was a ThinkPad T43, said a company spokesman.

Because the area of the computer containing the battery was severely burned as a result of the incident, Lenovo has yet to confirm that the ThinkPad T43 was using one of Sony’s batteries, the spokesman said. That model does ship with Sony’s batteries but some laptop users choose to use different batteries after they purchase the system, he said.

Lenovo still has not seen an unusual number of incidents involving its laptops and Sony’s batteries, according to the spokesman. Sony’s batteries were at the heart of two huge battery recalls announced by Apple and Dell in August. That particular recall was caused by Sony battery cells that could potentially cause a short circuit if tiny shards of metal left over from the manufacturing process worked holes in the battery cells.




One response

17 10 2009

Sony VAIO VGN-CR409E/T 14.1-inch Laptop
This color is perfect for my wife, she’s really into pink lately. She has an older version of Vaio, black one, now it’s mine after upgrading to the newer one. The software is fine, there’s some junk you have to remove / uninstall to make it run smoother, but now-a-days any computer you buy from a name brand store comes loaded with junk software. Spend a few hours to unload and it’ll make your system run much smoother.

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