Sony Playstation 3 European launch delayed

15 09 2006

Playstation 3

Oh Sony! You just can’t catch a break, can you? Their upcoming powerhouse, the Playstation 3, which has reportedly been plagued by supply and manufacturing problems, has just had its European launch delayed until March of 2007. That’s a solid four months after North America and Japan will (supposedly) get their opportunity to plunk down $600 for the Blu-ray equipped console. It looks like these manufacturing problems, reportedly having to do with Sony’s inability to manufacture the blue laser diodes found in the Blu-ray drives, will also force Sony to cut the release back sharply here in the States and Japan to 500,000 consoles at launch, which should be a huge boost to the Xbox 360 and upcoming Nintendo Wii, both of which should be in fine supply for the holiday shopping deathmarch. Boy, the decision to include the gigantic, money-sucking, benefit-lacking Blu-ray drives in your next gen console seems to be a pretty poor one right about now, eh Sony? Well, you live and you learn I guess.




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