Sybase spends $400m on Mobile 365

14 09 2006

Enterprise infrastructure vendor Sybase has bought Mobile 365, a mobile messaging and content company, for $400m.Sybase

Mobile 265Mobile 365 supplies its services to mobile operators and carriers, including T-Mobile and Vodafone, delivering three billion messages per month. The company also sells to content providers, providing mobile services such as voting and text alerts.

According to Sybase, the acquisition will better allow the company to target carriers and get a slice of the mobile messaging market which will be worth $7.5bn by 2008.

The deal is scheduled to close in the last quarter of this year and Sybase expects it to start adding to its bottom line within the next 12 months.

Mobile 365 will operate as a subsidiary of Sybase and will be run by Sybase’s senior VP of corporate development and marketing, Marty Beard.




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3 10 2006


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