Sun Backs Ruby by Hiring Main JRuby Developers

12 09 2006

pate writesSun Microsystems

“Sun has thrown some corporate weight behind Ruby, Rails, and dynamic languages by hiring the two main JRuby developers, Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo. Charles posted about jruby stepping into Sun on his blog, and Thomas posted his take too. Tim Bray, who started the ball rolling posted about the JRuby Love.”




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12 09 2006
Pat eyler

thanks for picking up my posting from /., I’ve posted about this story in some other places as well, but I’m intrighed by the Microsoft angle. Several people I know at Microsoft seem interested in Ruby. Is there hope for a Microsoft move similar to the one Sun made?

12 09 2006

This is not Srirams blog. Srirams blog is I am the one who blogged about Ruby bcoz I am basically interested in Ruby on rails. I found your post very interesting and blogged it. I suppose you are also a ruby developer.

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