Sriram on Blogging at Microsoft

10 09 2006

Next was Sriram Krishnan who is working at Microsoft in visual studio for devices team. But today he wasnt talking on behalf of Microsoft. Being a passionate blogger himeself for years, he says he too misses Robert Scobble and would love to have him back. He talked about how blogging has helped support Microsoft products like Internet Explorer. I agree with him on this part because Microsoft Live has blogs for each and every of their live products where the developer itself reads the suggestions which is something really good for the consumers.

He also talked about Mini-Microsoft and how the posts and comments have changed through the years. I have recorded this session too and with Sriram’s permission, would be podcasting it.




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12 09 2006
Sriram Krishnan

No issues. Send me a mail when you upload it with the URUL

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